14 people, all members of a wedding party, were injured in a bus accident in Belfast, Ireland after their private hire bus toppled over off the road into a field on Saturday afternoon. None of the people injured sustained serious injuries and all have since been released from hospital.


The minister who conducted the wedding ceremony just before the accident, has praised the positive attitude of the 60 guests who were on board the bus at the time of the incident, saying that those involved made an effort to ensure that the day remained one of joy for the newlyweds.

Amy Adair and Robbie Sinclair were married by the minister at Fisherwish Presbyterian Church by Rev Derek McKelvy in Belfast on Saturday afternoon. After the marriage ceremony, wedding guests boarded a Routemaster bus to be transported to the reception, in Montalto Estate in Co Down. En route to the reception venue, the top heavy bus toppled over, landing in a ditch on Ballynahunch Road.

Of the 60 passengers on board the bus, 14 sustained injuries and were taken to local hospitals for treatment. The remaining passengers received treatment for minor lacerations and bruises on the scene, and were able to continue on to the reception.

Rev McKelvy praised the bus accident victims who still made the effort to get to the reception, saying that despite the difficult circumstances, the guests rallied together to ensure that the newlywed’s day went according to plan.

Andrew Ewing, a DUP councillor in Lisburn and a member of the town’s road safety committee, said that this portion of road was treacherous and that many accidents occur here each year. Ewing also said that he was grateful that no one was seriously injured.

Passengers who were involved in the accident said that there was panic after the incident, with people scrambling over each other to get out of the overturned bus. Emergency vehicles responded promptly to the scene, after it was reported by eye witnesses at approximately 4.10 pm.

John McPoland, a spokesperson for the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, said that the accident scene was chaotic by the time the emergency personnel arrived, with passengers very worried about the well-being of fellow passengers. Thanfully, however, no one was seriously injured.

The exact cause of the accident has not yet been determined, and a thorough investigation is currently underway.


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