Four people have been injured, including two children, in an accident involving five vehicles on the A59 on Sunday afternoon, said local authorities.*368/police+line+yellow+%5Bgenericsla%5D.jpg

According to official reports from the police officers who were on scene at the site of the accident, the crash occurred at approximately 1.30pm on Sunday afternoon, near Green Hammerton in the Harrogate District of North Yorkshire, England. The accident occurred about 8 miles west of York and 10 miles east of Harrogate.  The crash involved two mini buses, a truck and a Ford Galaxy sedan vehicle, that were all heading towards York, and a Volswagen Scirocco that was heading in the opposite direction.

Eye witness reports gathered by police at the scene suggest that the Ford Galaxy slowed down in order to make a right turn into the Old Granary road off the A59. The two mini buses, which were travelling behind the Ford, managed to slow down in time to avoid hitting the car, but a truck coming from behind was not able to stop in time and smashed into the rear of the last bus. This caused a train reaction, with the rear bus hitting into the front bus which in turn hit into the Galaxy.

The Volkswagen Scirocco was not hit by any of the cars, but debris flew into the oncoming lane and damaged the vehicle. It was not immediately clear how many passengers were involved in the accident.

At first, a helicopter was called to the scene to assist the injured passengers. However, first responders later called the helicopter off after it was discovered that the injuries sustained were less serious than feared, said a spokeswoman for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. She went on to explain that two adults and two children were injured in the accident, with one adult sustaining chest and neck injuries that were not life threatening.

Both of the adults that were injured were the drivers of the two mini buses. Although none of the injuries sustained were serious, all four of the injured individuals were transported to local hospitals to be examined as a precautionary measure. The four people have since been released from Harrogate District Hospital after their injuries were treated.

The A59 towards York remained closed for two hours after the accident to allow rescue workers and crews from the city to clear the road of debris. A complete investigation into the accident is currently underway.


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