Bus accidents can result in a wide range of injuries, from minor muscle pain, cuts and scratches to broken bones, herniated discs, and even death.

Typical Bus Accident Injuries

While a wide range of injuries can result from a bus accident, some of the most typical injuries that may result include:

  • Broken Bones (Particularly Legs, Hands and Arms);
  • Herniated discs in the Neck (cervical spine) and Back (Lumbar Spine)
  • Head and Neck Injuries, Including Whiplash; and
  • Internal Injuries and Bleeding
  • Bus Accident Injury Medical Treatments

In some cases, recovery from injuries sustained in a bus accident can require surgeries, extended periods of hospitalization, physical therapy and even on-going care. In more serious accidents, permanent disability may occur, requiring a lifetime of prescription medications, medical treatment and in-home care. The expense of life-long medical care can quickly climb into the millions of dollars.

Our Bus Accident Lawyers ensure that our clients not only receive the best medical treatment possible, but that they are also fully compensated for both the cost of the treatment and the pain and suffering they experienced as a result of their injuries.

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