An accident involving a Coach USA bus occurred in Cleveland Texas, as traffic had stalled to accommodate a slow moving SUV, the bus crashed into a stopped pickup truck driven by Gary Rogers. After the crash the bus veered off the highway and landed near some railroad tracks located in Cleveland Texas, on the East side of U.S. 59. The bus driver and eight of the passengers were transported to Cleveland Regional Medical Center, after receiving injuries from the accident.

Much speculation began as to why the driver of the Coach USA bus failed to stop, as with many accidents involving buses of this nature it is almost always driver fatigue that causes such accidents as the bus driver becomes over worked and unable to avoid distractions. With the many demands that are being placed on the passenger bus drivers such as, working longer before being allowed to stop, are thought to be contributing factors as to why this type of bus accident occurs.

Another accident involving a Coach USA bus occurred in Orange, New Jersey after a Coach USA bus crashed into a black SUV, the black SUV flipped upside down and was pinned between a utility pole and the bus. It took firefighters and EMTs an hour to pull two women out of the SUV, six of the passengers aboard the Coach USA bus were injured, and as a result of the accident the six injured passengers and the women injured in the SUV were taken to University Hospital.

While the above examples reveal accidents involving the Coach USA passenger buses, there are many passenger buses that have been involved in some serious accidents trough out the years, and with some reports of fatalities such as the March tour bus wreck in New York that caused the deaths of fourteen passengers.

The tour bus was trying to avoid hitting a tractor trailer when the accident occurred the tour bus lost control while trying to avoid a tractor trailer, who reportedly kept going as the tour bus rolled on its right side, stripping the roof from the top of the bus, while eventually striking a guard rail, and the bus then goes down along the guardrail.

This bus wreck is considered one of the worst as thirteen people died at the site of the tour bus wreck and one other person later died from their injuries at the hospital. There were eighteen other passengers who were injured during this bus crash and were taken to the hospital. The later reports reveal that the driver of the tour bus was driving at a high rate of speed when the wreck occurred.


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