In Nepal, eighteen people suffered injuries due to a bus overturning on Sadepani Road section in the district of Kailali late Thursday night. The vehicle in question was bound for Nepalguni from Dhangadi. The bus overturned while avoiding a motorcycle on the road.

Shukhkhad Hospital is treating the injured. It is the district’s health post. The victims are said to be safe. The driver of the bus has disappeared, and the police have been dispatched in search of him.

Meanwhile in Quebec, there were nine people injured due to a chain reaction crash in Stratford. The incident involved a car, a tractor, and two buses. The bus was headed Southbound on Interstate 95. The incident resulted in traffic backups spanning twenty miles to New Haven.

Quebec bus crash


The accident is believed to have occurred before 10 a.m Wednesday Morning. The tractor was cut off in the center lane of the road by an anonymous vehicle. The driver of the truck, which was owned by a New Jersey-based appliance company, slowed suddenly along with the driver of a Dartmouth coach. This bus was owned by Autocar Preference based in Quebec. The truck driver attempted to stop, but he was too late braking and collided with the Dartmouth Coach. The collision forced the Coach into the tractor.

Coming behind the bus was a 2005 Dodge Magnum, which also did not have sufficient time to stop. This accident follows an increased observation of the safety of Coach companies due to an accident on March 12, 2011, in which fifteen passengers died. The bus impacted an exit sign in the Bronx close to the Westchester County line.

A sixty year old woman, Nancy Laren from New Hampshire awoke early looking forward to her trip to New York. Instead of successfully travelling on the Dartmouth bus to see her family, she endured a horrendous accident. She said, “I was looking out the window and I felt the bus put on the brakes and he kept strengthening on the brakes,” she told the press, “I remember hitting my head.”

The drivers of all three of the vehicles were transported to the hospital complaining of pain. In addition, three passengers in the Dodge and three from the Dartmouth Coach were also taken to the hospital. Three adults and a pair of teenagers were admitted to Vincent’s Medical Centre, where their condition was reported as stable. Four others were taken to Bridgeport Hospital. In total, fifty-six passengers refused the offer of medical attention.


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