In an accident that is being called a “suspected suicide,” the bus transporting the Irish-American punk rock band Dropkick Murphys collided with a pedestrian in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014 on Highway 35 near Austin en route to a concert in Tulsa, ending in the death of said pedestrian. The man who lost his life has yet to be identified.

Members of the band described the incident as a “tragic and fatal accident” on their Twitter page, stating that the man darted out in front of the bus as it was traveling along the roadway. The man reportedly died instantly, and the police investigation continues in order to determine if the crash was indeed an intentional act of suicide.

The driver of the bus swerved upon seeing the pedestrian jump in front of the bus, but was unable to avoid striking and killing the man. Although physically uninjured, the tour bus driver was psychologically traumatized by the incident and unable to continue on. The band canceled their Tulsa tour date with apologies to their fans, asking those who follow their Twitter page to pray for the fallen pedestrian and his family during this tragic time.

The bus sustained damage in the accident, leaving it inoperable following the crash. The band’s manager has stated that the band members are declining further comment pending the notification of the deceased’s family out of respect for the man’s life, whom police describe only as a “white man.” Police officers reportedly told members of the band that the stretch of road where the accident occurred is notorious in the area as a “suicide spot.”

The band intends to continue their tour as soon as they are able to, as the next leg of their journey is scheduled to take them south of the international border to Mexico and South America, beginning with a show in Mexico City next week. Ticket prices for any concerts they miss as a result of the accident will be fully refunded.


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