The family members of the cyclist that was killed in a collision with a media bus outside the Olympic Park in London last week have paid tribute to him, and asked for campaigners for cycle safety to stop using his death to score points for their cause.

Dan Harris, a 28 year old IT expert, was cycling In East London on Wednesday near the Olympic park when he was struck by a bus carrying media members to the Olympic venues. He died on the scene. Since his death, cycle campaigners have been lobbying for increased safety for cyclists on London’s roads.

Star British cyclist Bradley Wiggins also commented on the incident, recommending that helmets be made compulsory for all cyclists on London’s roads. Harris was however wearing a helmet at the time of the incident.

Harris’s family have called for an end to the blame game surrounding their son’s death, and asked for his name to not be associated with any further protests or lobbying groups. In a statement released by the family through the Metropolitan police, they said that the did not want Daniel’s name ‘used for any political point-scoring whatsoever by pro-cycling lobbyists or similar factions’.

The family also paid tribute to Daniel in their statement, saying that ‘everyone who knew Dan loved him for his sense of humor, fun and adventure.’

Harris’s girlfriend Cecilia Dominici described him as the love of her life, and took to Twitter to pay tribute to him together with other friends and relatives.

A memorial cycle in honor of his life is being held in London on August 10.

Harris was on his way to work at the time that the incident happened. He was a keen cyclist, and has in the past cycled his way across the South-East Asian countries of Cambodia, Vietnam and Cambodia.

A post-mortem was conducted on Mr. Harris’s body on Thursday, and concluded that the cause of his death was multiple traumatic injuries. The driver of the bus, a 65 year old unnamed gentleman, was arrested at the scene of the accident on suspicion of dangerous driving. Currently he has been released on bail, but is expected to return to an East London court later this month.

If he is found to be guilty, the bus driver may be held liable for Mr. Harris’s death, and his family could therefore have grounds to seek compensation from the driver in court.


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