A Greyhound bus skidded off an interstate highway located in southwest Ohio, causing 34 of its passengers to receive injuries. The bus drove off the highway and crashed into a tree, through a fence, and toppled over and slid onto a cornfield, where it finally stopped.

The injuries were not found to be fatal despite the fact that many of the passengers were trapped under the bus and were rescued by the team of firefighters and paramedics, as reported by the State Highway Patrol. The crash took place at approximately 4 a.m. on Interstate-75, situated in Liberty Township around 25 miles to the north of Cincinnati.

Greyhound bus accident

One of the passengers, Christopher Link, a resident of Michigan, reported that he witnessed the bus driver collapse and a woman screaming in order to wake him up. However, he also mentioned that he thought that the driver might have incurred a medical problem consequent to the crash. He further mentioned that the bus toppled over at least two times following the collision with the tree.

The director of the Butler County Emergency Management Agency claims that 35 people were transported to hospitals, six of which were taken in helicopters, while 29 were carried by ambulances. Additionally, the injuries incurred varied from minor ones to grave ones.

Victims of the Crash Provided with Medical Aid

The total number of passengers on this bus, headed towards Detroit, was 52, including the driver. Those victims of the accident who were not injured physically as a result of the crash were transported back to Cincinnati. However, the trauma of the crash caused not a single one of these people to appear at the bus station the next morning, to go from Cincinnati to Detroit.

Eleven people out of 13 who were taken to the Atrium Medical Center, located in Middletown, and one passenger out of the remaining 14 who were taken to the West Chester Hospital have been discharged.

Similarly, two out of those four people who had been taken through helicopters, to the Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton were released shortly. One of those had suffered the detriment of a broken leg, which is soon to be scheduled for surgery. One of these passengers was admitted to a hospital to remedy the bruises and contusions acquired through the destructive bus accident.

It is even reported that a few of passengers were children. Immediately after the accident had taken place, Greyhound Bus service dispatched a team to help the victims of this potentially deadly crash.


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