A bus in northern Liverpool collided with a building late in the morning of Friday, Oct. 3, 2014, leaving nine people injured—eight passengers and the driver. The accident took place at the intersection of Walton Breck Road and Bagnall Street, near Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield stadium. The driver of the bus, a man in his 60s, is said to have suffered some type of medical incident behind the wheel, causing him to lose control over the vehicle in the moments prior to the crash.

The building, an unoccupied apartment structure, was empty at the time of the incident and has been partially demolished in the wake of the accident. Firefighters who rushed to the scene of the accident discovered a marijuana farm in a nearby residence while investigating the cause of the crash. The accident continues to be under investigation at this time.

Extensive damage was incurred by both the bus and the building it crashed into, including at least two gas line leaks that workers had to seal before the demolition of the building could be completed. The injured parties were taken to a local hospital for treatment following the crash, but none of their injuries are suspected of being life-threatening.

Wreckage from the crash, from both building and bus alike, blocked the roadway for hours following the accident, causing traffic congestion as detours were put into place during the clean-up effort. The bus in question was new, having only recently been commissioned into service. Officials from Stagecoach—the company that owns and operates the bus line—have stated that they, too, are investigating the cause of the crash at this time. There is no word as to whether charges will be filed.

Although statistics from Public Health England show that traffic accidents are on the decline in Great Britain overall—with over 40 percent fewer fatal and serious accidents in 2008 than in the 1990s—road accidents in Liverpool are a cause for alarm among local citizens and police alike. Area police have stated that drivers who are of senior age (over the age of 55) and drivers participating in street racing are the two main causes of traffic accidents in the Liverpool area.


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