A charter bus taking passengers on a group excursion and a passenger car were involved in an accident in San Antonio, Texas on the morning of Thursday December 5th. Five people were reported to have been injured and required medical attention.

The incident was described as a head on collision that took place at approximately 9:00 in the morning at the intersection of W. Commerce and W. Military Drive on the west side of the city. Witnesses to the scene indicated that the passenger car was being driven by a woman and was carrying another female passenger. The vehicle made a turn onto West Commerce headed in the wrong direction. The bus driver, whose vehicle was on Commerce, swerved but was unable to avoid the oncoming vehicle and that is when the crash took place.

The women who were in the passenger car were both reportedly injured and taken to University Hospital. Both are expected to survive. The bus driver was reportedly unhurt, but three people who were passengers on board the bus at the time were reportedly also taken to local hospitals following the accident. The two men and one woman who were removed from the scene received medical treatment of minor injuries and were released shortly after.

The charter bus involved in the accident was reported to be taking the group to SeaWorld. The vehicle is operated by Masters Touch Christian Charter Services. The bus company’s website indicates that prior to this incident, the company’s vehicles have travelled over one million miles without ever having been involved in an accident or having received a traffic violation.

If true this is a remarkable feat: the National Transportation Safety Board has recently issued statistics that indicate that the charter bus and intercity carrier bus accident rate is far higher than that seen by more traditional bus carriers.

There are a number of reasons why tour bus and charter buses are involved in more accidents, but the majority of them have to do with the lack of regulation involved in their operations. Much also has to do with the lack of seat belts and a lack of rules during which drivers can operate. The Masters Touch Christian Charter Services website does indicate that they limit the driving hours for their drivers and that all transportation laws are observed.


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