A school bus transporting students to East Central High School and Heritage Middle School was involved in a collision with an automobile being driven by a teenager early in the morning of Tuesday, November 3, 2015. The teen driver, whose identity has not been released to the public, then smashed into a Honda, killing its 47-year-old driver and causing a multiple-vehicle pileup north of Highway 87, on the roadway of Loop 1604.

The teen who caused the accident is reported to be in critical condition and receiving treatment at San Antonio Military Medical Center. There is no word yet as to whether or not he is expected to make a full recovery. Surprisingly, no other injuries have been reported as a result of the crash, in spite of the many people involved in the collision and its fatal outcome for one man who has yet to be publicly identified.

The weather may have played a large role in the accident, as the roads in the area were obscured by a dense fog the morning that the accident took place. It is not yet known whether the young driver who appears to have caused the massive collision was speeding or under the influence of controlled substances at the time of the crash. At least two trucks were also involved in the pile-up, but neither driver nor passengers reported being hurt as a result of the collision.

According to statistics made available by the Texas Department of Transportation, state roadways were host to more than 3,500 fatalities in the 2014 calendar year. This is the highest number of fatalities due to traffic accidents the state has reported since 2005. The same report alleges that fatality crashes in 2014 are estimated to have cost nearly 29 million dollars in terms of economic loss, as calculated using data from the National Safety Council’s “average economic cost per death.”


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