An accident between a school bus and two motorcyclists has ended with both cyclists being killed in Wentzville, Missouri, forty miles outside of St. Louis. According to Missouri State Highway Patrol there were no children on board the school bus when the accident took place, just before seven in the morning.

The accident took place on Highway A between 61 and Parr Road. According to police, the motorcycles were traveling southbound on Route A in a group of three when the bus driver, 52-year old Pamela Love, drove out of the bus depot near the Westgate Business Center and drove into them while trying to execute a left turn across the highway onto Northbound Route A, directly into the path of the oncoming motorcycles. Two of the three cyclists struck the driver’s side of the bus and were killed at the scene. The dead include 43-year old Mathew Adam of Bowling Green, who was driving a 2011 Kawasaki Ninja, and 22-year old Jacob Boedeker of Warrenton who was driving a 2005 Honda CBR 600. The third motorcyclist, 25-year old Adam Meyer of Warrenton, was driving with the other two cyclists. He struck the accident debris, sending his motorcycle to the ground and ejecting him, but he was not injured. The driver of the bus is an 8-year veteran of the school district’s bus route and was reportedly moderately injured in the accident. She was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

As a result of the accident, several other school buses were unable to leave the bus depot, requiring buses that had already departed to run two routes in order to get students to school. Route A was closed as several hours a result of the accident investigation. According to police, there is no traffic signal at the intersection where the accident took place. There is no word as to whether Love has previously been involved in any accidents or whether any other incidents have taken place at this location. Accident investigators will be looking into the speed at which the motorcycles were travelling, as well as whether the driver exercised appropriate caution in gauging the distance between herself and the cyclists.


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