A middle school student who was injured in Monday’s Hamilton school bus crash has undergone surgery on her arm today, said school officials in a statement to the media.


The girl, whose name has not been revealed by the officials, was one of seven students of St. Gregory the Great Academy who were injured when their school bus crashed into a ditch on Monday. The accident occurred at approximately 3 pm on Monday afternoon on Merrick Road, while the bus driver was transporting pupils home from school.

According to officials, it appears that the bus driver swerved in order to avoid hitting a deer that had suddenly run into the road, and veered into the ditch. The bus tipped over onto its side, and seven students and the 69 year old bus driver, Jeanette Guerra, sustained minor injuries.

St Gregory the Great Academy principal, Jason Briggs, said that the girl will have an MRI scan following her surgery today. Briggs further said that he has been in contact with the girl’s family, and that the injuries sustained in the accident were not life threatening. She is expected to make a full recovery following her surgery.

The girl was transported from the accident scene, along with the other injured pupils, to local hospitals by ambulance. Last night, a hospital spokesperson said she was transferred from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in Hamilton, where she was being treated, to Brunswick Children’s Hospital where she underwent her surgery.

The local police authorities say that Guerra was driving on the southbound lane of Merrick Road when a deer suddenly appeared on the right side of the road. Guerra swerved to avoid the deer, causing the bus to drive off the left side of the road into a deep ditch. There were 14 students on board the bus at the time.

Principal Briggs said that members of the school community gathered together on the morning of the accident to pray for the injured passengers and to give thanks that no pupils sustained serious injuries in the incident. Briggs visited the scene of the accident on Monday, and assisted in transporting some of the uninjured pupils back to their homes. He has also been to visit the injured pupils in hospital, where they remain in a stable condition.

No charges are expected to be filed against the bus driver, said local police.


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