Two separate casino tour buses crashed in a single day this past week, reemphasizing the need for safety in the industry. The separate crashes resulted in one fatality and dozens of injuries.

In the first incident, which took place in Fallbrook, California, just north of San Diego, a Valley View Casino tour bus turned over while driving south on Interstate 15. The bus originated in Bell and was on its way to the casino when, according to the bus driver, the bus started to drift out of its lane. The driver told authorities that he had tried to correct the vehicle’s course, and in the process the bus turned over.

The conditions were clear at the time of the crash, with no rain. One passenger was killed and 22 were injured in the incident, with several of the injuries reported to have been serious. Ambulances and other first responders were sent to the scene, which included the grizzly sight of a passenger that had been ejected during the crash and was pinned underneath the bus. Authorities also report several other vehicles that appeared to be damaged in the vicinity, though it was unclear as to whether that was a result of the tour bus or if the other accidents were unrelated.

In the second accident, which happened on the same day, a Sina Coach tour bus carrying mostly Vietnamese casino-goers was returning from the Pala Casino in San Diego and was on its way to Westminster, California. The accident occurred in a rainstorm and left the bus on its side across Interstate 15 with 22 passengers injured.

The injured passengers were all adults and were reported to have only minor injuries. Most were taken to local hospitals for treatment.

Sina Coach is a bus company that has a fleet of over two dozen buses, and according to information from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there have been no reported crashes over the past two years.

The area has witnessed previous casino bus accidents, with the most recent one occurring in September. In that case the bus suffered a brake malfunction and crashed into the highway guardrail. Ten passengers were injured in that incident.


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