Typical Causes of Bus Accidents

Driver Inattention & Speeding Among Most Common Bus Accident Causes

Bus accidents can happen for a number of different reasons, including driver fatigue, driver inattention, poor weather or road conditions, or mechanical failure.

Because of the enormous weight and size of these vehicles, accidents often cause catastrophic and—sometimes fatal—injuries. This is why it is so vital that bus companies and the drivers they employ are not only qualified and properly trained to transport passengers, but that they also do everything possible to keep their passengers, and everyone around them, as safe as possible.

When bus companies fail to hold up their end of the bargain by causing accidents and injuries, they have an obligation to accept responsibility and ensure that they fully compensate the victims for the injuries and damages they suffered.

Unfortunately, most major bus companies will do whatever possible to avoid responsibility after an accident.

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Negligent & Reckless Driving a Leading Cause

Across the country, an alarming number of bus accidents are caused by the negligent and reckless actions of bus drivers, many of which were never even qualified to drive a bus in the first place.

Speeding, driving too fast for the conditions, cell phone usage and generally failing to follow the rules of the road all contributed to the 254 who were killed and the 20,000 who were injured in bus accidents in 2009 alone.

The most common instances of reckless conduct by bus drivers leading to accidents include:

  • Driving without the training and qualifications required to safely operate the vehicle;
  • Speeding to reach the destination more quickly;
  • Usage of a cell phone or other mobile device while driving; and
  • Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

Vehicle Failure Also Contributes to Bus Accidents

Buses that travel long distances need to be properly maintained in order to prevent accidents from occurring. When drivers or bus companies fail to properly inspect or maintain their buses, serious accidents can and do result. Poorly maintained buses are always more likely to break down or cause accidents than buses that receive regular maintenance and repairs.

Among the most common types of vehicle failures that lead to bus accidents are:

  • Tire Blowouts;
  • Brake Failure; and
  • Steering Failure

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