Preliminary results from the investigation into the recent Bedore Bus Tours accident has shown that a faulty tire may have been at fault. The accident killed two people and left 35 passengers injured, four critically. The tragic event occurred on the I-390, 55 miles southeast of Rochester, NY, when a tire blew out on a passenger tour bus that was headed to Niagra Falls. The tour bus was owned by New York based bus company, Bedore Tours.

Recent investigations into the accident have found that a tire blow out was the cause of the tragedy. According to the bus driver, 58 year old John Dinardo, he lost control after his front tire blew out on the I-390. A spokesperson for Bedore bus company claims that the front tires on the bus were still new, having just been replaced a few months ago. Initial findings of the investigation into the accident support the driver’s claims that a front tire blow out caused the accident.

If the accident was indeed caused by a defective tire, then the tire manufacturer needs to be held accountable for the deaths and injuries resulting from the bus crash. Further investigations need to be conducted to determine whether the driver or the Bedore bus company also had a role to play in the accident.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board have so far revealed that the tour bus had passed its last inspection, conducted on June 28th, and had no history of safety issues or mechanical problems. Bedore Tours has not had a bus accident for the last two years.

According to the NY Police Department, the bus plunged off the road and came to rest in a wooded area between the south and north lanes of Interstate 390 at around 4.16 pm. After hitting several trees, the bus fell over onto its side. The two passengers who were killed were sitting directly behind the driver and were not wearing seatbelts – tour buses in New York are not required to have seat belts for passengers. All the passengers on the bus were from India, and participating in a vacation tour of the United States.

It is unclear at this stage whether a lawsuit will be filed against Bedore Tours or the tire manufacturers. Bedore Tours is currently insured for bodily claims by National Interstate Insurance Company, which may decide to pay damages for injuries incurred in the accident if Bedore is found to be at fault.


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