A horrific bus accident in the Xiapu County of Nginde City in China has left at least 17 dead and 28 injured, 3 critically. The long distance bus had more than 50 people on board when it plunged off the expressway into a ravine in East China’s Fuijian Province on June 20th.

The accident occurred at around 2am on Wednesday morning when the bus driver lost control and swerved off the expressway, overturning and falling down a 50m drop into a ravine. Local authorities, including the secretary of the Xiapu County Committee of the Communist Party of China, have confirmed the details of the accident and have assured family members that an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the crash will be undertaken.

The bus was travelling from the city of Wuxi in the east China province of Jiangsu to Xiamen city at the time of the accident. There were two children on board the bus, both of whom survived the accident.

17 of the passengers on the bus were killed instantly in the accident, while 28 other passengers were injured, three of them seriously. Local policeman, firefighters and medical authorities were on the scene within minutes to launch a rescue operation and extract trapped passengers from the wreckage. The injured passengers were transported to local hospitals and are currently receiving treatment. According to local authorities, the next of kin of the deceased and injured passengers have been informed and their identities have been confirmed.

It is unclear as to what exactly caused the accident. Eye witnesses claim that the bus simply veered off the expressway, presumably after the driver lost control. According to local authorities, a thorough investigation into the cause of the accident is currently underway and the surviving passengers and their families will be notified if a cause for the crash is found.

There could be many causes for a tragic bus accident such as this one. If the driver was found to have been driving negligently, then he could be held liable for the deaths and injuries caused. The bus company itself may also have some liability as they have a responsibility to their passengers to get them to their destinations safely. The investigation into the incident will have to determine whether the bus had passed recent safety tests and was roadworthy.  If this was not the case, then the passengers on the bus and the families of those who passed away may have reason to lay a lawsuit against the bus company or bus driver.


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