A church bus wreck that occurred on February 21st 2011, claims the life of one, while injuring thirteen others was reported in California, as the bus went over the side of the road, colliding with an SUV. The accident occurred in the mountains making the rescue efforts difficult for the emergency crews to get to the victims.

There were a total of ten that were injured and were taken to Loma Linda Hospital, among the ten injured were five children, as reports come in one passenger was in critical condition, four of the passengers were in serious condition, and the rest were in fair condition.

Three of the passengers were air lifted to Arrowhead Hospital in Colton, as later reports reveal that one of the passengers transported to Arrowhead Hospital was in critical condition, and one was in stable condition, and no report could be given on the third passenger.

The church bus involved was transporting teenager’s home from a weekend church retreat, a church volunteer was driving the bus at the time of the accident.

While the accident is being investigated, it is unclear what caused the bus wreck. Assuming the driver of the bus to be one of rich character, while volunteering to assist with transporting children home from a church retreat, overshadows thoughts that he could have been negligent at the time of the wreck.

We must consider the facts as they apply to everyone, and the driver of the church bus still should be investigated for driving under the influence of a medication, any health problems that could have contributed to the deadly bus crash, in addition to speeding, falling asleep behind the wheel, being distracted, as all of these issues still pertain to the church bus driver, the same as they would to anyone else.

Knowing the legal rights of the passengers of the church bus and how those rights may be viewed differently due to the affiliation with a church, means the services of a skilled attorney who specializes in passenger bus related accidents is needed. In order to answer questions about how the laws would apply to a bus wreck causing severe injury, or loss of life, when the bus is affiliated with a church.

Regardless of the bus driver’s affiliation with a Church, should it be discovered laterthat he was negligent at the time of the deadly bus wreck, the same rules of the road need to apply to this case as well.


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