March 2011, a bus crash is reported in New Brunswick New Jersey, claiming the lives of one passenger, and the driver of the bus, as a result of the wreck five passengers were taken to area hospitals all five are listed in critical condition. As more reports come in about the deadly New Jersey Bus wreck, it is believed that a tire blowout caused this deadly wreck.

While eyewitnesses at the scene report that the bus drove onto the median, and then struck an over pass support, and suddenly crashed into an embankment located on the right side of the road. When the crash occurred the bus driver was thrown through the windshield, the passenger that died as a result of the bus wreck, died after being transported to the Hospital.

The company who owned the bus, Super Luxury tours Incorporated, is located in Pennsylvania, the company Super Luxury Tours has been taken off the highways  as a result of the bus crash in New Brunswick New Jersey. Further reports reveal that the Federal Motor carrier Safety Administration has taken permission from the Super Luxury Tours Company to operate, their tour business as a result of the deadly New Jersey Bus wreck.

Those who are injured on bus accidents each year are climbing into the thousands, in addition there are at least sixteen fatalities related to bus wrecks each year according to the new statistical information as it was reported in 2011. With the growing concern about safety while traveling on a bus is constantly being evaluated to protect those while traveling on a passenger bus, it offers little consolation for those who have loved ones that died as a result of a wreck while traveling on a coach bus.

When injured on a coach bus it is important to know your legal rights, and with the help of a qualified attorney you can sort out all of the legalities as they pertain to you. There are some companies who own these buses that will rush to get you to settle any medical expenses or lost work time, soon after the wreck, in an attempt to save them from having to further compensate you for damages.

Remember the bus company may seem legitimate with their kind gesture, but do not sign anything nor settle for anything without first contacting a lawyer, this is a mistake that can cost you for the rest of your life, as some medical conditions related to an injury, can seem alright at the moment, but can change quickly with certain activities.


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