More than 25 million children travel in more than 4 million school buses every morning in the US. However, according to statistics, there is an estimate of more than 17,000 children landing in emergency rooms due to bus accidents on a yearly basis. A number of these accidents are caused when boarding or stepping off the bus and in even in cases where kids slip and get hurt either because of a sudden halt or because of rushing with each other.

Types of School Bus Accidents

Accidents usually occur in situations where the driver comes to an abrupt stop or drives at a high speed because of time constraints and in order to proceed with a legal case, it is very necessary to understand the complications of a situation. Bus accidents are categorized in four syllables.

  • Front end/head on collision: Front ends of two vehicles collide
  • Rear end collisions: One vehicle crashes into the rear end of the other
  • Left Side Impact/Right Side Impact: When one side of the vehicle faces severe damage
  • Non-Collisions: Accidents that occur when the bus suddenly halts and causes passengers to fall forward with a force.

If your child is a victim to a school bus accident, you must approach a law firm like Fitts Zehl who will analyze the situation and guide you to filing a case.

Your Legal Rights as a Parent

Parents must immediately consult an attorney specializing in accidents and understand their legal rights. You have the following rights that you must practice in case of an injury or death because of an accident:

  • The bus driver is responsible for keeping passengers safe and if the situation claims that he could have prevented the tragedy, he will be held responsible for not being careful enough.
  • The family of the victim can file the accused for their actions and claim compensation for the incurred damages.
  • If you lose a child because of a school bus accident, you are entitled to filing a criminal case against those responsible.
  • You need to immediately start processing with legal actions because the law has a time limit that you must follow. If you cross that limit, you will not be able to proceed further with the case.

If you or someone you love has been injured or killed in a bus accident, contact the experienced Bus Accident Injury Lawyers at Fitts Zehl, LLP for a free consultation: (800) 569-2776.


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