Driver fatigue is a major culprit in the majority of bus related accidents. With cases of legal claims throughout the United States and the most recent bus accident being the New York bus accident that claimed the lives of 15 people as the first portion of the investigation into the Bronx New York bus accident is to determine whether the driver was suffering from fatigue which could have caused the bus accident.

A reported bus accident last year involving a bus traveling through Virginia was involved in an accident causing the bus to roll over fatally wounding four passengers and injuring others involved claims of driver fatigue to be one of the major culprits causing this bus accident.

Two people are killed and 32 injured after a Rimrock Stage Bus wrecks in Montana, which will be investigated for whether driver fatigue was a factor in the cause of this accident or if it was caused by icy weather.

Bus Driver killed in Pennsylvania after rear ending a tractor trailer injuring the driver of the tractor trailer along with 24 passengers. The cause of this accident is driver fatigue, along with negligence on the part of Mr. Ho Charter service while reports prior to this fatal accident show that more than 68% of the drivers working for Mr. Ho Charting service were given citations for fatigued driving.

While charter buses are the first mentioned in this article in regard to driver fatigue being the result of many bus accidents, this is not the only form of transportation that can be involved in deadly crashes involving driver fatigue. There are numerous reports of school bus accidents claiming the lives of many, and fatigued driving is the major cause of these accidents as well.

In 2006 a tragic school bus accident claimed the lives of 4 students and injured many more as a school bus was pushed off of a high way overpass, the driver of this school bus was investigated for driving fatigued as well, this accident led to many hoping to enforce seat belt laws for school buses in an attempt to save lives should this occur again in the future.

Random Lake school bus carrying 26 students involved in a crash with a hauling and utility truck  causing minor injury of 18 children with 2 children receiving treatment in a hospital for more serious injuries, as well as the driver of the truck requiring transport to a local  hospital, the investigation of this accident reveals driver fatigue as the cause.


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