Parents who assume that their children are safe after allowing them to get on a school bus in route to school, are highly mistaken, with bus accidents occurring daily that involve a school bus you soon lose the belief that the school bus is a safe alternative for transporting your children to and from school. While many of the reported school bus related accidents involving bus drivers who are driving under the influence occur without children on board the bus at the time of the accident, offers little comfort to the parents of these children.

Egg Harbor Township, located in Philadelphia had one of these incidents, involving a school bus that shook up the small community beyond belief, as a female bus driver age 38 crashed a school bus in Pleasant Woods development in the Farmington Area, after calling the bus company she was given another school bus, shortly after receiving the second bus, she was involved in yet another accident, as she continued driving she then hit a house located on Rhodes Avenue. Shockingly, she was allowed to have a total of three accidents before finally being arrested. Fortunately there were no children on the bus during the accidents caused by her driving under the influence.

Reports of school bus drivers transporting children while under the influence occur a lot more than most people realize, such as the incident in Cumberland County, North Carolina involving a bus driver who was under the influence at the time of an accident involving a small Ford. Five of the eighteen students on board the bus received medical care and were reported to have minor injuries. When police tested the bus driver for alcohol levels, they discovered the school bus driver was five times above the legal limit.

All intoxicated school bus drivers will eventually get caught, such as the Northwest Indiana incident. A school bus driver reported to have been driving while intoxicated with forty four children in route to a field trip. This is enough to aggravate any parent who has to trust the school bus driver in order to transport their children to and from school functions, in addition to the outrageous fact that she was actually driving with the forty four children on board that bus is frightening.

Mandatory drug screening is necessary in order to prevent school bus drivers from receiving jobs or keeping jobs where they put the public at risk, I can’t believe that no one knew about the school bus driver’s use of alcohol prior to the incidents reported.


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