On a Thursday, a Greyhound bus on I-94 bumped into a semi-trailer from the back. The driver and 22 other people got injured, one of whom is in a critical condition.

According to Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Pali Matyas, at 10:16 am, the bus on the Toronto-Chicago route, consisting of 48 passengers along with the driver got hit by a truck that was east of Galesburg.

Greyhound bus accident

As reported by Sheriff Richard Fuller, the truck looked like it was about to enter the westbound lanes near exit number 88, and then the back of the truck got hit by the bus.

Fuller’s statement said that they are not completely aware of what happened, whether it was the truck that suddenly came in front of the bus or something else that caused the wreck.

The driver of the bus was stuck for 2 hours in the wreck after the accident. The rescuers slowly removed the wreckage in order to free the driver, after which he was monitored by a doctor. He was then taken to an ambulance waiting for victims at site using a stretcher.

Fuller said, “He could not free his legs of the remains of the wreckage, so instead the doctor remained present at all times to monitor the condition of the driver.”

Later, on Thursday, out of those nine people who were sent to hospitals in Kalamazoo, seven people were given treatments in the hospital and were released, while a passenger from the front seat, who was in a critical condition, was sent off to Borgess Medical Center to get better facilities and care. The driver had minor injuries and was admitted to Bronson Methodist Hospital.

The westbound part of the highway remained closed for hours because of the accident, causing the motorists to stay away from the accident site. The drivers passing by the eastbound lanes were very much interested in taking pictures and looking at the wreck, which slowed down the traffic.

As part of the reconstruction of the accident, the deputies started taking measurements as soon as the reinforcements helped the bus driver out of the wreck.

Fuller said that the trailer and bus got stuck together and that the truck driver drove the truck off road hundreds of feet. The truck driver had a scratched finger and felt a pain in his neck, but did not think it was important to seek medical attention.

Fuller reported that all the bus passengers were out by the time he reached the scene. The 37 other passengers were transported through a metro bus to a bus station at Kalamazoo. They stayed over there and waited for the Detroit Greyhound bus.


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