A deadly bus accident occurred 30 km north of Podgorica, which is the capital and also the largest city of Montenegro on the 23rd of June, 2013.

Montenegro bus crash

Sources reported that the bus was carrying about forty-eight passengers in it, along with a tourist guide and two drivers, all of which were Romanian citizens. The bus was traveling towards Adriatic Sea.

The bus involved in the accident had the license plate number B 123 MMJ. According to the reports, it was concluded that the bus was moving through mountainous terrain on a very narrow road during a heavy rainstorm. The exact details of how the accident occurred or how the bus crashed and fell are still unknown. It is clear that the bus slipped off the road and fell into a deep valley that was about 40 meters below the road.

In the accident, eighteen people were killed and another thirty people got injured. From the injured, many are still in intensive care and are in critical condition.

The rescue team met with large difficulties in rescuing the survivors. The rocky terrain and rough landmark greatly hindered the rescue team when they arrived to rescue the survivors.

When the accident took place, a local child who was walking on the road also got hit by the bus and sustained minor injuries. The time when the horrifying accident occurred was around 5 to 6 pm.

The interior minister of Montenegro, Rasko Konjevic declared the accident to be extremely serious. The interior minister also went to see all the victims of the accident and shared their moments of grief with sadness and sorrow. Rasko Konjevic also expressed his deep condolences to the Romanian ambassador.

For the people who got injured in the accident, the Serbian government provided medical assistance.

Victor Ponta, who is the prime minister of Romania, also showed feelings of sorrow because of the accident and so he announced that there will be a day of grief. A national day of mourning will be decreed most probably at the end of the week. The 26th of June was decided to be the date for the day of national mourning and so, in solidarity with Romania, Montenegro also announced a national day of mourning. This was to show sorrow for the Romanian people who died in the tragic accident on the 23rd of June, 2013.


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