At Sunday night, a tour bus in Las Vegas met with an accident near the Maryland Parkway and Desert Inn Road. A total of fifteen people were involved in the accident, twelve of whom were hurt and injured.

chain reaction bus accident
The injured people were sent to the Sunrise hospital to recover from minor injuries. The positive side of this is that the accident involved no death, and from the people who were injured, none of them were in serious condition.

As told by the witnesses, the cars were stopped at a red light when the bus approached the intersection. The driver of the bus rammed the bus into the cars. The bus itself was empty and had no passengers in it. It had “Herrera Coaches” written on it.

The accident took place at around 5:30 p.m. The bus driver hit the cars in such a way that it caused a kind of chain reaction in between the cars, and the collision continued until it involved several cars. In the end, the bus crashed into a light pole. Prentis Williams, who was one of the witnesses, said that the sound of the accident was as if there was a big explosion. Other witnesses said that the sound of the accident actually terrified them.

Witnesses of the accident also said that the bus driver tried to escape the scene right after the accident took place, but the people present at the event on the road did not let him go until the police officers were there.

On the investigation of the metro police department, they got to know from the driver that the driver had smoked spice. Spice is a kind of drug, a type of synthetic marijuana. It is available in the markets by several other names. Some of the ingredients in spice are strictly not allowed by the lawmakers, but the manufacturers find other chemical replacements to make it stay legal.

Another witness of the accident expressed his anger, saying that other harmful things like bath salts were taken off from the market and were not allowed to be sold on the market, so why was this drug not prohibited and removed from the market? It is dangerous, he added.

A representative from Herrera Coaches was not available to comment on all that happened. However, the police said that they will further investigate the main reasons that actually caused the accident.


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