On Wednesday, twenty sixth-grade Kansas girls got injured in a school bus accident when the bus overturned on a curving highway ramp while moving at a very high speed, as reported by authorities.

Kansas bus accident

The driver and the eighteen injured students were taken to five different hospitals in the area around eighteen miles from Kansas City. The girls who got injuries mostly suffered from broken bones, fractures, bruises and cuts.

Many students had serious injuries. It isfeared that some of these injuries might also include a brain injury or a spinal injury. The spokeswoman of the University of Kansas Hospital, Jill Chadwick, spoke to the city police and reported that one of the students may have a major, serious, spinal injury.

Later on Wednesday, five of the girls were expected to recover from their injuries and to be released from the University of Kansas Hospital. An additional three to four people were to be kept in the hospital for the night.

The school bus was carrying about thirty-six students from the private school Pembroke Hill School in Kansas City.  As the State Highway Patrol reported to KCTV, it was because of the high driving speed that the bus slid off the exit ramp that connected Kansas 32 with Kansas 7 in Bonner Springs. The bus rolled over around 1 p.m. CT.

A witness said that he saw that the children were coming out of the bus screaming, crying and calling out for their mothers.

Kate Banks, a mother of two sisters who were also in the bus when the accident happened, said that she confirmed from her girls that the speed of the bus was too fast while they were going on the ramp and that is why they rolled over.

Both of Kate’s daughters were taken to the Overland Park Regional Medical Center. One of her daughters had a possible collar bone injury, while the other had suffered an elbow injury. Both the girls had scrapes and cuts on their bodies.

Another bus from the Pembroke Hill School, which was carrying the sixth-grade boys was also following the girls bus. Luckily, the second bus did not get involved in the accident.

A Pembroke official reported that the students were taken by the bus to Linwood, Kansas for an overnight bonding experience camp. This was arranged for the children in order to start a new year of school at Pembroke Hill School.


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