Manila was at the center of the latest road accidents on Monday morning. Two separate incidents resulted in more than 32 injuries. The first of the incidents occurred in Makati City, while the other took place in the Skyway, which is located in the Metro Manila region.

In Metro Manila, around 21 people were injured as the bus they were traveling in crashed against an elevated region present in the southern section of Metro Manila. The incident took place early in the morning, around 9:30 am. The bus involved in the accident was moving from Laguna province and was headed towards Cubao, which is located in Quezon City. The accident and its corresponding details were first reported by Mao dela Cruz from radio dzBB.

According to early reports that have emerged so far, the bus belonging to Greenstar crashed near the toll plaza into a cement barrier. The driver of the bus claimed that the bus brakes failed, causing the bus to go out of control and consequently crash. It was fortunate that there were no casualties in the accident, and the injured were swiftly taken away for treatment. The injured passengers were taken to Ospital ng Muntinlupa for further checkups and medical examinations.

In the other accident that took place in Makati City, two buses collided, injuring 11 people. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority reported the accident, which also took place early on Monday morning.

Manila bus accident

Radio dzBB was the first to report the accident. Charlie Nozares from Metropolitan Manila Development Authority and said that the accident in Makati City took place near the corner of Estrella Street and Epifanio Delos Santos.

The 11 injured people were taken to a nearby hospital for checkups and other medical examinations as authorities swiftly arrived at the scene of the accident to determine the cause of the accident. As of now, there are no concrete reports about how the two buses came to collision and which party was more at fault. The amount of damage that was inflicted on the buses is also undetermined at the moment.

Nozares also reported that of the two buses that were involved in the accident, one was air conditioned while the other was an ordinary non-air-conditioned bus.

No other authority figure could be reached for comment regarding the Monday accidents, although the grave number of injuries suggests that greater road safety is needed in the Manila area.


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