Parents assume when they allow their children, to ride a school bus to and from school that their children are safe, and should there be an accident involving a school their children will be protected due to safety standards that are in place. When parents see the news about school bus wrecks, they lose their sense of security.


March 12 2012, an Indianapolis school bus accident involving a school bus crashing into a support pillar of a train bridge, caused the death of the bus driver, Thomas Spencer the II, and a five year old child, Donasty Smith, along with the injuries of ten other students, two of the injured students listed in critical condition, following the school bus wreck.


September 27 2008, a school bus crash in Indiana, involving a dump truck, claims the lives of four elementary students, with special needs. The children who were killed in this wreck were age 5, age 9, and two children age 10.


This tragic event occurred when a dump truck driven by Raymond Gust, slowed for a moment while making a left hand turn into a driveway, while a Mack truck driven by, Terry Dixon, was unable to stop, crashed into the school bus causing the school bus to flip onto its side, when a second dump truck crashed into the school bus roof, causing the bus to slid into a ditch.


Damages were obvious at the scene, as the top of the bus was crushed down the middle, the hood of the second truck involved in the wreck was missing, the dump truck involved in the wreck had a blown tire, and another vehicle who was behind the school bus was in a ditch on the north side of the road.


It is reported that multiple victims were trapped in the school bus, and rescuers had to free them, and all of the children on the bus were wearing seat belts, or were in safety seats at the time of the wreck. The wreck was too severe for the safety restraints to save the children, who died as a result of this wreck. The only child injured that survived the bus wreck was flown to Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne.


The drivers of the dump trucks, the Mack truck, as well as the school bus were not injured during the wreck however they will be required to take drug screening tests to rule out the possibility of being under the influence at the time of the deadly bus wreck.


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