The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is responsible for accurate information regarding accidents on public highways as well as reported fatalities related to accidents, and according to new data the agency has been under reporting accidents and fatalities related to motor coach vehicles, giving a false appearance as to the safety of our highways.

With the many bus accidents that are occurring, it is clear that public safety is being disregarded in an attempt to show that our highways are much safer than they really are, as inaccurate information has been reported to congress and on public records for bus safety. With the death of Lorenzo Charles who died in a motor coach bus accident in Raleigh, North Carolina, the death toll for this year is at 25, for motor coach, or passenger bus accidents involving fatalities.

According to the most recent reports 42 deaths involving passenger type buses were not reported through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, from the years beginning in 1995 through 2009, and even more shocking since 2003, 32 fatalities were not reported through (NHTSA), the (NHTSA), only reported 133 deaths, and withheld 42 deaths, in an effort to make our highways appear safe.

Failure to report accurate data in regard to highway safety puts the entire public at risk, as with necessary laws to protect the public are not seen as an urgent issue based on the reports of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The responsibility to keep highways safe start with honest reporting of the unsafe conditions that can cause a fatal bus accident, for example, unsafe or hazardous motor coach tires to blame for a bus wreck that causes the death of a passenger or passengers, is the bus company owner who is at fault, for failure to use proper maintenance prior to an accident.

When the Highways are to blame for a bus accident, such as with a traffic light that is not working, or a police car collision with a bus during a high speed chase, or a road that is deemed safe to travel during a flood, and the flooding waters cause a bus wreck due to negligence on behalf of those who are to keep the public transportation system notified of any unsafe routes, and did not carry out their responsibilities, in these cases it is imperative that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report any findings related to accidents or fatalities that must be rectified in order to prevent future accidents of this nature.


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