Within a passage of three days, South Mississippi has experienced three bus accidents. On Monday, a school bus belonging to Harrison County crashed into a power pole. On Tuesday, another accident took place involving a bus belonging to Jackson County. Following these two crashes, on Wednesday morning yet another bus accident took place and this time the location was Ocean Springs. Perhaps these recurring crashes can serve as warnings for bus drivers of potentially dangerous accidents that often occur.

Mississippi school buses

The head mechanic for the School District of Ocean Springs, John Rushing, has been reported to have said that the bumper of the bus needed to be pulled out because it incurred scratches and dents. He also mentioned that the motorized crossing arm of the bus was damaged and needed to be repaired.

The bus set out to transport 43 students belonging to Ocean Springs Middle and High Schools to their respective schools. The collision took place when a trailer appeared right in front of the bus, with the driver not being able to bring the bus to a stop in time, causing it to crash against the trailer, as reported by the police.

The Director of Operations at Ocean Springs School, Brooks McKay, informed officials that a substitute bus was dispatched to transport the students safely to their schools. There were no injuries incurred by any of these students. However, McKay claimed that the school district is trying its best to improve conditions of the transport system to prevent any accidents from occurring in the future.

12 Students Suffer from Minor Injuries in Harrison County Bus Crash

The Harrison County bus accident, which took place on Monday, resulted in 12 of its student passengers receiving minor injuries. When the crash happened, a car collided with the bus, which caused the bus to crash head on into a power pole.

Similarly, the bus crash that took place on Tuesday was due to a vehicle smashing right across the Vancleave Upper Elementary School Bus. Thus, officials have been recognizing the need for bus drivers to attain an extra careful attitude because of the incidence of three bus accidents in a row. Precautionary methods such as stopping in front of rail tracks, being wary of any children chasing buses as well being ready to apply brakes at the right moment and the right time, ought to be considered by bus drivers in the future, according to McKay.


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