The students at Holmwood Technical High School located in Manchester have not been able to recover from the devastating loss of four of their peers as a result of a bus accident, which occurred earlier this week.

Patricia Reid Clarke, a member of the staff at the Holmwood Technical High School claimed that it was much worse than any accident she had ever experienced, particularly because she regretted the loss of a student whom she believed could have been saved. It was because the back door was jammed and could not be opened that the student while suffering and in pain, died in agony.

Victims of Manchester bus accident

Reid Clarke also mentioned that she along with a few teachers were right behind the truck and thus witnessed the devastating scene. The bus was seen colliding with a truck. The accident took place on the Chudleigh main road.

One of the teachers at Holmwood Technical High School, Avaria Harris, mentioned that a similar loss was incurred on the school earlier in January, when a bus accident occurred. Despite no casualties resulting from that crash, it should have served as a deterrent for the transport system, and accidents such as the recent one could have been avoided.

The principal of the school, Paul Bailey, still suffers from the shock of April 2011, when four students died in a bus crash and regrets the occurrence of a similar catastrophe only two years later. He asks the students to remain strong and believes that God will guide them through this troubling time.

Students and Teachers Grieve the Losses of Their Loved Ones

After an emergency meeting of the school staff at the Holmwood Technical High School, a memorial for the deceased was held. Christina High School and Mizpah All-Age sent their guidance counselors to participate in the devotion and to support the students and faculty at Holmwood to help recover from their grief.

Furthermore, students and teachers were seen to connect over this loss and come together in the form of a family, consoling and subsequently helping each other through this difficult time. Reid-Clarke also mentioned how some of her students helped wipe off the tears upon her cheeks, and that this was a time when both the students and the teachers were in increasing need of each other.


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