1. A school bus crashed into a tree in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. The crashed occurred at approximately eight o’clock on the morning of Monday, April 8th.

The bus driver was carrying forty students to Sutherland Elementary, heading down River Road when the driver lost control near the intersection with Logan Knoll Lane. The bus left the roadway and was stopped by a roadside tree.

Eight of the students, ranging between six and twelve years of age, were rushed to Southside Regional Medical Hospital, though with seemingly only minor injuries, including lacerations, bumps, and soreness, according to Terry Tysinger, spokeswoman for Southside. The bus driver sustained no reported injuries.

Some were transported by ambulance to the hospital, complete with backboards for precautionary sake, while others went with their parents when they arrived.

Virginia State Police are continuing to investigate the cause of the bus crash.


2. Another school bus crash occurred at 7:30am in Vallecitos, New Mexico on its Monday morning pick-up run. The bus rolled over after steering down a ditch on State Road 111 . The bus driver died at the scene, according to Jake Arnold, spokesperson for New Mexico State Police.

Nine students, between ages seven and fifteen, were injured, but are in stable condition, says Nicki Allcorn, Presbyerian Espanola Hospital spokesperson. One student was airlifted to Albuquerque for treatment. This one, plus three of other students are still being treated.

The crash took place in Rio Arriba County on the bus’ way to the Ojo Caliente elementary school. Response time to the crash was lengthened due to the unavailability of cell phone service in the area.

Police are investigating what caused the bus crash, but suspect that the driver experienced something akin to a seizure or perhaps a heart attack, causing him to lose control of the vehicle. It is unknown at this time whether he died because of a medical condition or as a result of the bus crash.

3. Theresa Watson, who lost her husband and was injured herself in a North Carolina bus crash this past Friday, April 5th, was released from Sentara Norfolk General Hospital today.

Theresa, age fifty-seven, was on the bus traveling from Chapel Hill to Hampton University for its High School Day. The bus driver lost control at approximately 7a.m. and the bus ran off the road, flipping over, and ejecting Theresa and husband Doval (age fifty-eight), who died instantly.

None of the other six passengers were harmed, says North Carolina State Police.

The driver of the bus, Mr. Larry Brocks from Raleigh has been charged with driving recklessly.



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