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Deadly Passenger Bus Wreck

Bus wrecks are occurring frequently these days, with reports of bus accidents causing catastrophic loss of life as well as critical injuries to those who survive the bus wrecks. With many causes reflecting negligence on the part of the busRead More

Coach USA Crashes into Pickup Truck

An accident involving a Coach USA bus occurred in Cleveland Texas, as traffic had stalled to accommodate a slow moving SUV, the bus crashed into a stopped pickup truck driven by Gary Rogers. After the crash the bus veered offRead More

Driver Fatigue Blamed for Greyhound Bus Accident

On June 4th 2008, twenty five passengers were injured when a greyhound bus tipped over while transporting forty two passengers. While the driver was not injured from the accident, twenty five of the passengers were injured as a result ofRead More

Reports of School Bus Driver Intoxication

Parents who assume that their children are safe after allowing them to get on a school bus in route to school, are highly mistaken, with bus accidents occurring daily that involve a school bus you soon lose the belief thatRead More

Driver Fatigue a Major Cause of Bus Accidents

Driver fatigue is a major culprit in the majority of bus related accidents. With cases of legal claims throughout the United States and the most recent bus accident being the New York bus accident that claimed the lives of 15Read More

Icy Road Causes Bus To Crash, Leaving 32 Injured, Two Dead

Thirty-two people were injured and two died after a bus crashed on the icy Interstate 90, just a mile off Clinton, at around 7am in January, leaving about eight people still seriously injured to this day. The Rimrock Trailways busRead More

Swiss Bus Accident Leads to Death Of 22 Kids

Forget about the movie “Speed” where bus-related incidents involve criminals and hostages. Nowadays, it appears that bus accidents and injuries are happening among tour services whose objectives would have been to entertain, not harm. Switzerland saw the latest massive busRead More

Indian Tourists File Lawsuit Against NY Bus Operator, Bridgestone

Investigations into a massive bus accident in Lockport, New York has led to the filing of a lawsuit with a $40 million claim. Kaizar Master of Abu Dhabi and Westchester County attorney Michael Kaplen (on behalf of 17-year-old Maryam andRead More


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