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Six Die as a Result of Bus Crash in Ottawa

On  the 18th of September, Canada’s capital of Ottawa experienced a catastrophic bus accident, taking 6 lives. The accident took place when a double-decker bus crashed against a passenger train. The anterior of the bus was ripped open. A passersbyRead More

Bus Crash in China Takes 16 Lives

On the 15th of September, a bus crash that occurred in southwest China, specifically in the Sichuan Province, has proved to have a devastating effect. The crash claimed 16 lives, some of which were preschool children. The accident took placeRead More

Greyhound Bus Accident Injures 34 People

A Greyhound bus skidded off an interstate highway located in southwest Ohio, causing 34 of its passengers to receive injuries. The bus drove off the highway and crashed into a tree, through a fence, and toppled over and slid ontoRead More

Speeding Leads to Manlaughter: Recalling Eilat 2008

Beershaba District County has officially declared Edward Gelfand responsible for the devastating bus crash of Eilat. The bus crash occurred in 2008, killing 24 people. It is the most devastating bus accident that the Israeli population has ever witnessed. TheRead More

Ten People Dead as Bus Carrying Young Girls From Festival Crashes

On Sunday evening, a bus overturned on a highway in South Africa’s eastern region. The passengers were young girls who were coming back from an annual Zulu tradition. Officials have reported that along with the driver of the bus, aroundRead More

Monday Morning Madness in Manila – Two Bus Accidents

Manila was at the center of the latest road accidents on Monday morning. Two separate incidents resulted in more than 32 injuries. The first of the incidents occurred in Makati City, while the other took place in the Skyway, whichRead More


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